February 19, 2018

Why do 15-passenger vans roll over?

Andrew Smith created this video explaining why 15-passenger vans rollover.

Bottom Line: 90% of the rollovers are caused by a left-rear tire de-tread.

Details discussed in this video:

  • There is a design flaw in the Ford E-350 (Econoline XLT), that places 45% of the weight on the left rear tire.
  • The aisle on the right side of the van contributes greatly to the weight being placed on the left side of the van
  • The E-350 requires 50 psi on the front tires and 80 psi on the rear tires. This is the only vehicle on the road requiring different pressures on the front and rear tires.
  • The increase weight on the left-rear tire generates excess  heat inside the tire.
  • If the tire pressure is lower than manufactured specs, this will significantly increase heat inside the tire.
  • Once the heat generated inside the tire exceeds the manufacturers specs, the tire will de-laminate, causing the tire to de-tread.

The following video by narrated by Mark Smith illustrates the same points:

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